99 problems generally solved first hand - The Reboot effect

This article will explain the steps required to fix almost 99% of IT issues that arise.

Step 1: Assess your problem

If you are experiencing issues with applications a reboot will most commonly resolve the issue at hand.

(Please be aware, if this is hardware related a reboot may not be the best answer)


Step 2: How to reboot

To do this, there are 2 ways - a 'Hard Boot' or a 'Standard reboot'


How to perform a 'Standard reboot'

To perform a Standard reboot - select the Windows icon on your desktop/ or your 'Start' menu (if you are on Windows 7)

- select 'Power'

- select 'Restart'


How to perform a 'Hard Boot'

Locate the power button on your PC - Push it.

Wait for system to shut down

Push it again.


That should solve the problem.


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