How to open Task Manager & close a non responsive program

This article outlines the steps involved in opening Task Manager. 


Task Manager comes in useful if you are looking at ending a program which is not responding or has frozen. 


Step 1

There are 2 ways in which you can open Task Manager: 


Method 1 - 'Ctrl, Alt & Del

Press 'Ctrl, Alt & Del' buttons at the same time. This will open your Windows lock screen, which provides 5 options to select from:

- Lock

- Switch User

- Sign Out

- Task Manager

- Cancel.


Select 'Task Manager'.


Method 2 - Windows Task Bar

Along the bottom of your screen, you should have a task bar which displays active programs and your 'Start' or 'Windows' button. 

Move your cursor to the task bar and 'right click' on your mouse.

This will provide several options for you to choose from:

Select 'Task Manager'.

Both of the above methods will produce the below window: 

Step 2

Make sure you select the 'Processes' tab. 

This screen will display all the applications which are currently in use and all processes which are running in the background.


Step 3

Select the program which is not responding or is performing slowly.


Step 4

By selecting a program from the list, this will enable the 'End Task' button in the bottom right corner, to become active.

Step 5

To terminate the selected program, click 'End Task'.


Your non-responsive program will now close down.

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