Guide on how to get the most out of Adobe Acrobat Reader XI


In order to view files that are known as “PDF” files, you need a specific program. The most suitable program for this is Adobe Acrobat Reader (and writer). The Adobe Acrobat reader is a free software available to download from – It might, however, already be installed on your PC/Citrix environment. There are other programs that can allow you to view and edit pdf files, however Adobe is amongst the better. 

Editing text in your pdf document:

When you need to edit your document follow the below steps (I am using Adobe Reader XI so if your version doesn’t have the functionality an upgrade to version XI will be required):

1. Launch your Adobe reader and the document that you want to edit.


2. Click on “Tools” 

3. Click on “Fill & Sign”


4. Click on “Add text” 

5. Click in the form on the document where you wish to add text.

6. Input writing.

7. Once you have completed all the inputting, save the document.

Adding signature:

If you need to add your signature follow these steps:

1. On the “Fill & sign” section, select “Place signature”

2. Most useful option here, unless you are working on a touch screen, is to “Use an image”. If you sign your name on a piece of paper then take a photo of it you can upload it (providing you can get the image to your PC). 

3. After uploading the signature image, click Accept.

When viewing PDFs in the web browser isn’t working:

If you have tried to launch a pdf file from a web page and it appears that it is going to launch within your web browser, however all you can see is a blank page or get a number of different symbols indicating that the pdf file is unable to launch in your web browser. There are a few different solutions to getting to view the pdf file:

Download file:

If you select to save the pdf file rather than launching (running) it then you are able to launch the pdf file from your hard drive rather than from the web page. 

Adobe Reader Preferences:

If you change your settings in Adobe Preferences to allow the pdf file to launch in Adobe Reader rather than trying to launch it in the web browser.

1. Go to “Edit”

2. Go to “Preferences”

3. On the left-hand menu, select “internet”

4. Untick box next to “Display PDF in Browser”

5. Click “Ok”

Adding sticky note:

You can add a sticky note to a page (or several pages) in your pdf document. They work like post-it notes and can contain notes to yourself or to others.

1. Right-click on the page that you want the sticky note on.

2. Click “Add Sticky note”

3. Write your note (the name of the author will filled out on the note already.

4. You can move the sticky note around the page by holding down the mouse button and dragging the note to where you want it.

Rotating pages:

In version XI you can only rotate all pages at the same time. You might need to rotate a page if it has been scanned in sideways.

Page menu:

1. Right-click on the page that is sideways.

2. Select “Rotate clockwise” 

3. The page will now rotate 90 degrees clockwise

4. Continue to rotate until the text is the right way around. 

5. If the next page isn’t in the same orientation as the one you have just rotated, then repeat the rotation steps as above.

View menu:

1. Click on the “View” menu.

2. Select “Rotate view”

3. Choose either “Rotate clockwise” or “Counter clockwise”

4. All pages will rotate 90 degrees in selected direction.

5. Continue to rotate until text is right way around

6. Again if you need to rotate pages back again follow the above steps.

Sending your pdf file by email:

You can send your pdf file directly from Adobe Reader.

1. At the top of your pdf document you will see the following icon:

2. Click on the envelope.

3. This will launch your email client (for example Outlook)

4. The pdf file is already in the email as an attachment.

5. Add recipient addresses and subject and message, then send the email.

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