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There are times when you need to access your files while you are away from the office, on a business trip, or travelling to and from work. There are several ways to do this and you will have to check your company’s policy on what you are allowed to use and also check with IT policies if there are any restrictions for your company.

The below methods will also work for personal use, for your personal photos, music files, etc. that you would like to bring with you on your mobile devices.


If you have got your email account set up on your mobile device the easiest way to get your file is to email it to yourself.


Microsoft have got an online storage solution called OneDrive. If your company uses Office 365 you will have a Business OneDrive connected to your work email address. If your company doesn’t use Office 365 then you can sign up for the use of OneDrive by getting a Microsoft account. If you have an email address with the domain names: or then you have already got access to an OneDrive.

When you have logged in to your Outlook/Hotmail account you will see the following at the top of your screen:

Click on the nine squares on the left-hand side and select “OneDrive”.

This will take you to your OneDrive area where you can upload files.

You will need to download the OneDrive app on your mobile device in order to access the files.


If you browse to you can register for free online storage. You need to register for the use of Dropbox with your email and a password. You have to download the Dropbox app on your mobile device for file access.


Google uses MyDrive for storing files. You will need to create a account in order to access the MyDrive.

Once logged on look for this symbol:

Clicking on this link will take you to your drive.

The MyDrive app will have to be downloaded on your mobile device for file access.



Amazon offers online storage called amazon cloud drive. You will need to have an Amazon account and sign up for the cloud drive to be able to upload files. There is at the moment no Cloud drive app. However there is a photo drive app which will access all the photos you upload on the amazon cloud drive.


Other cloud storage:

There are numerous more online cloud storage solutions available. Most devices offer their own brand of online storage, this can of course be used, although if you change device the storage app might not be available for your new device and you won’t be able to access your files any more.

In summary:

To sum things up: The best cloud storage solution is one that is easy to use and access on all your devices. The above offer this and with the sole exception of Amazon Cloud Storage you can store and access any file as long as it doesn’t exceed the storage allowance. Make sure to check how much space you get with each solution. Some give 5 GB free, others 25GB free and some will offer an expanding amount of storage if you recommend the solution to your friends and they sign up too.

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