How to compare word documents


Sometimes when you have made changes to a word document and saved it as a new up to date document it is sometimes helpful to be able to see/view the changes that you made to the original document. This can also be beneficial if you have sent a document to a colleague to proof read and they send it back with the changes they have made, this will enable you to check the updated document they have sent back to you against your original to see what they have changed.

Comparing Word Documents:

To compare two word documents with each other you will first need to open up a blank word document. Once the word document is open you will need to click on the review tab of the ribbon at the top, select the compare tool and click on the option ‘Compare’.


This will then bring up the below window:



When the above window has appeared you will need to click on the down arrow below ‘Original document’ and find and select the original document that you created. Once you have done this you will need to do the same for the updated/revised document by clicking on the down arrow beneath ‘revised document’. At this point you can also click on the ‘More’ box in the left hand corner which will provide you with a more detailed option of what changes you wish to be marked/highlighted.


Once you have selected the documents and more detailed options (if required) you can click on ‘OK’ and this will open a new word document with both original and revised documents in and the compared document with all changes made listed down the left hand side of the document entitled ‘Revisions’.

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