How to create a hyperlink


Sometimes when you are drafting an email or putting together a word document you may need to create a hyperlink without creating an attachment to an email or putting in the full web address or file path within a word document.


Creating a Hyperlink:

You can create a hyperlink to a document/folder on your computer, a document/folder on your network or to a website. To do this you will need to right-click on the place you want the hyperlink to be and select hyperlink or highlight the word that you wish to be the hyperlink, right click on it and select hyperlink.


This will then bring up the below window:


Once this window has appeared you will need to put either the full URL of the website you want to create a hyperlink too in the address box for ex. or the full path to the document or folder that you want to create the hyperlink too for ex. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15.

Once you have filled out the address box, you can choose to change the text that is displayed for your hyperlink by typing in the text you require in to the Text to display box (which you can see in the screenshot above).

Finally click on ‘OK’ and your word document or email will now contain a hyperlink to the desired website, document or folder that you have chosen.

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