How to freeze a row or column in Excel


When using Microsoft Excel and working with large spreadsheets, headings located at the top and down the left side of the worksheet can often disappear if you scroll too far down or too the right. Without these headings it is hard to keep track of which column or row of data you are looking at. To avoid this issue you can freeze or lock specific rows or columns of the worksheet so that they always remain visible.


 Freezing Panes:

When in Excel, to freeze or lock specific rows or columns of the worksheet so they always remain visible you will need to select the view option on the ribbon at the top of the spreadsheet and then freeze panes.


Once you have selected Freeze panes you will be given the below 3 options:

  • Freeze panes – This will freeze all rows above the active cell and all columns to the left of the active cell
  • Freeze top row – This will freeze the top row of the worksheet
  • Freeze first column – This will freeze the first column of the worksheet

Once you have selected the option you require the data you require should now be locked/frozen.

Please Note: If you require to unfreeze any locked/frozen cells, you will need to select the freeze panes option as before and one of the options will now be Unfreeze panes.

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