Changing Citrix Screen Percentage


When accessing Citrix, Citrix sessions can be set to open as a full screen or a percentile of the screen. This document shows how you can adjust these settings to open the Citrix window as per your personal preference.

Changing the Citrix screen percentage:


1. Login to Citrix and once you've logged in, you will be presented with the different desktops, all of these can be ignored for the time being.

Click on the settings option in the top right hand corner.



2. Once you are inside the settings menu you will be presented with the screen below, you will only need to pay attention to the section titled “User Experience”. Here you will see an option entitled “Window Size”.



3. You will be presented with the following options, the top 5 are most used and by default you will find most Citrix sessions are set to seamless.

Here is a run down of the top 5:


Seamless - This will make the session use every monitor available

Full Screen – This will choose one monitor and dominate the entire screen

Custom Dimensions - This will allow you to set the resolutions

Percentage of Screen – This will make you set a percentile of your screen (good if you want a window set to 90%)


Select “Save” after any option selected.


There are no wrong options here only options to best suit your personal preference.

Once the above has been completed you can login to your required desktop as normal.

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