Restoring deleted items in Outlook


If you have accidentally deleted an email you need, even after you have emptied the deleted items folder or you’ve “hard deleted” an item by pressing Shift + Delete. This document will hopefully enable you to recover those deleted emails.

Recover Deleted Items:

1. When logged in to Outlook, Click Folder > Recover Deleted Items.

2. Click the message you want to recover, and then click Recover Selected Items.

3. To select multiple items, press Ctrl as you click each item, and then click Recover Selected Items.

4. Recovered items are restored to the folder you’re working in.
Please note that there is a specific retention time for deleted items and after this time elapses, deleted items can’t be restored using this recover selected items command.


If after the following the above steps you were unable to recover your deleted items from outlook, please contact the C5 Service Desk on 01534 633733 or email us at for further support.

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