Lost Apointments in Outlook Calendar


If you have lost all of your appointments from your calendar in outlook please see the following steps to hopefully enable you to see them again.

Refresh of Outlook:

1. Close down Outlook.
2. Right-click on the Outlook icon  on your taskbar or outlook.
3. In the pop-up menu right-click on Outlook (you will either have version 2010 or 2013)
4. Select Properties
5. In the pop-up window select tab ‘Shortcut’
6. In the Target field enter the following at the end of the text that is already present: /cleanfreebusy
7. Click ‘Apply’
8. Click Ok
9. Restart Outlook.

Once you have done this, whether it has worked or not you will need to follow the steps above again but at step 6. You will need to delete: /cleanfreebusy.

Change View Option:

If the above refresh did not work and you are using Outlook 2007 or 2010 there is a view option called Details – it can be set on Low, Medium, or High Details. High shows all appointments and all day events, while Medium shows all day events and uses lines for timed appointments. Low shows only all day events and hides all timed appointments.

Outlook 2010:

In the Outlook calendar the detail level is selected from the Month button on the view section or ribbon, click on the down arrow under month and select “show high detail” as per the screenshot below.

Outlook 2007:

In Outlook 2007, detail levels are selected just to the right of the Day/Week/Month tabs and you will need to select “High” as per the screenshot below.

If after the following the above steps you are still unable to see your appointments within your outlook calendar, please contact the C5 Service Desk on 01534 633733 or email us at support@c5alliance.com for further support.

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