How to customise your outlook ribbon


This document shows you how to customise your ribbon within Outlook and how to show or collapse the ribbon depending on your own personal preference.

How to customise your Outlook Ribbon:

1. When logged in to Outlook you will have a ribbon at the top displaying multiple icons for things/actions you can do.


2. To be able to customise this ribbon you will need to right click on the ribbon itself and select the option ‘customise ribbon’.

3. This will bring up the below screenshot allowing you to add or remove certain options and also change their positioning to your liking.


How to hide/unhide your ribbon:

1. On occasion you may wish to hide your ribbon from view or even accidentally collapse it and want to be able to see/access it again.

2. If you wish to collapse/hide your ribbon all you need to do is right click on the ribbon and select the option ‘collapse the ribbon’, this will remove the ribbon from your outlook view.


3. However if you wish to unhide your ribbon you will need to click on one of the tabs below at the top of your outlook, which will temporarily show your ribbon again at which point you will need to right click on the ribbon and select ‘collapse the ribbon’ which will then re-add the ribbon to your outlook view.



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