How to add a header or footer to Word


This document explains how to add a header or footer to your Microsoft Word document which enables you to automatically put something at the top or bottom of every page without having to enter it on to each page one by one.

Adding a header or footer:

1. When within your word document you will need to select the ‘Insert’ option


2. Then select either the Header or Footer option depending on whether you want to enter text at the top of the page (Header) or the bottom (Footer).


3. Once you have selected either a header or footer you will have a variety of options templates) for how you would like your header or footer laid out, so select the one that best suits your requirement.

4. Once you have selected your template you can enter in the text you want, or a picture depending on what you want your header/footer to show. You will be presented with the below which will allow you to customise them as you wish.


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