How to show or hide workbook tabs in Excel


This will teach you how to hide or show workbook tabs in the Excel application.

How to hide all sheet tabs in Excel:

1. Click the File tab in Excel.

2. Click the Options button


3. Next click the Advanced category

4. Then Display options for this workbook section

5. Tick the Show sheet tab

6. Click Ok

How to hide or unhide individual sheet tabs in Excel:

1. When Excel is open with all tabs showing along the bottom of the spreadsheet you will need to right click on the tab you wish to hide.

2. Select the option ‘Hide’ from the options given and this will hide that specific tab.

3. To un-hide any hidden tabs you will again need to right click on a tab and select the option ‘un-hide’ which will bring up a new window showing all current hidden tabs and you can select which tab you wish to ‘un-hide’.


4. Click Ok

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