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Most companies use Outlook to send and receive their emails. Outlook has a lot of handy tools that hardly ever get used, this is due to the fact that not many people know about them.

Unread email:

On a daily basis we receive tens, if not hundreds of emails. Sometimes we don’t have time to read them all and the unread emails are easily missed amongst all the read emails. This tip is handy if you only want to see unread emails.

At the top of your mailbox you will see the below:


Click on “Unread” and you will only display all your unread emails. To get all the emails back, click on “All”

Message preview:

In Office 2013 and newer versions, you can preview up to three lines of the message body in the email (not the preview pane as that is something completely different).

Go to “View” tab on the ribbon.

Click on “Message Preview” and choose 1, 2 or 3 lines. To remove the preview lines select “off”.

Increasing size of email text:

If you have received an email that has got small text, Outlook has got a built-in zoom. At the bottom right-hand corner of Outlook is a zoom slide. Select the email (don’t open it in a separate window) and move the slide to the right to enlarge the text and to the left to make it smaller.



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