Tips before contacting C5 Support


Before contacting the C5 Service Desk, this document provides information on useful information C5 Service Desk require to ensure your Support call is dealt with more efficiently.

Tips before contacting C5 Support:

Tips when logging a Request:

• When logging a request with C5 Alliance, it would be beneficial to have as much detail as possible.
• If your request is in regards to Hardware Installation (Printers, Webcams etc) please state whether you would like C5 Alliance to order the Hardware on your behalf and quote accordingly. Alternatively if the hardware is already on site and you need C5 Alliance to install the hardware, please ensure you have the make, model and serial number of the device so the engineers can be aware and if any change needs to be performed to the Citrix system.
• If your request is software related (upgrades, installations etc) this request will need to go through the ‘Change Advisory Board’, therefore will take longer for the request to be fulfilled. This is to ensure your service will not be impacted.
• In regards to further information required for software related upgrades or installations, please advise of the exact software you would like installed. This is to include the name of the software and the version you would like.

Tips when logging an Incident:

• If your Incident is relating to Citrix or any other platform which requires a login be sure to have your username you use to login ready.
• Identify which application the Incident is effecting and advise accordingly
• Gather as much details as possible relating to the Incident. This can be the time the Incident started, basic troubleshooting you have performed before logging the call with C5 (Reboot of the PC for example). A helpful piece of information for C5 Alliance is the exact number of users effected with the same issue or if it is just yourself.
• The average call time to log a call is approximately 5 minutes. Please be sure you have sufficient time when logging a call. If the Incident is service effecting and classed as urgent, ask a colleague to log the call on your behalf.
• Do you have alternative contact details C5 Alliance can use to contact yourself? Any contact details would be extremely beneficial to keep you informed of the progress of your call.

C5 Alliance aim to get Incidents resolved as quickly as possible, therefore the more detail we are given the more efficient the resolution of your call will be.

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