How to input cell borders within Excel


This document is to give you an understanding of how to input cell borders within Excel. This will assist with making tables within Excel stand out and look smarter.

How to input cell borders within Excel:

Guide 1:

1. After you have created your table the cells surrounding the data you have input appear to be blank. An example of this is as follows:

2. Highlight the cells you are wishing to surround with a border.

3. Right click within the highlighted field and select ‘Format Cells’.

4. Select the ‘Border’ tab.

5. You can now customise the type of border you wish to have, ranging from thickness of the lines to the colour. Choose your desired border and then click on ‘Outline’ and ‘Inside’. The box under the ‘Border’ section (below ‘Outline’ and ‘Inside) should now show an example of how your border will look.

6. Select ‘OK’. You have now added a border to your table.


Guide 2:

1. Highlight the cells you would like to have surrounded by a border.

2. Click on the box icon situated next to the Underling of text icon.

3. A drop down menu will appear any you can now customise the border to your taste, ranging from line thickness, colours etc.

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