How to add your exchange email on a Nokia (Windows) Phone


This document is to give you an understanding of how to setup your exchange email account on a Nokia (Windows) Phone.

How to add your Exchange email on a Nokia (Windows) device:

1. Press the right arrow and select ‘Settings’.

2. Select ‘email+accounts’.

3. Select ‘Add an account’ and then select ‘advanced setup’.

4. Enter your email address in the email address field.

5. Within the password field, enter your password used for the email address you are configuring

6. Select ‘Exchange ActiveSync’.

7. Enter your username within the Username field

8. Enter the domain details within the domain field (you can obtain these from your service provider).

9. Enter the server within the server field (you can obtain these from your service provider).

10. Press ‘Server requires an encrypted SS; connection’ to off. (When the box next to the menu is empty, SSL encryption is turned off.)

11. Enter the account name. This is to make you identify the email address i.e. Work, if you have multiple emails on the device.

12. Press the field below ‘Download new content’ and press the required period or manually.

13. Select the field below ‘Download email from’ and select the required period or anytime.

14. Select ‘Email, Contacts. Calendar and Task to turn synchronisation of each data type on or off.

15. Select ‘Sign In’ (ensure you wait while the account is activated

16. Press the ‘Home Key’ to return to Standby mode.

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