Citrix Applications not launching


After you have logged on to Citrix you try and launch your applications however nothing happens. You continue to click on the applications to launch them but still nothing happens. This can be due to the Citrix receiver being out of date and it will need to be upgraded. If you have control of downloading and installing on your PC follow the below guide:


Citrix receiver:

If you have had any Windows updates installed or have had your Internet Explorer upgraded your current Citrix receiver may become outdated. To remedy this you will need to download and install the newest version.

1.Browse to

2.Hover over Downloads at the top of the page

3.Select Product: Citrix Receiver

4.Select download type: Receiver for Windows *

5.Once the receiver is downloaded, install it.

6.Restart your browser

7.Log in to Citrix.

8.Launch Application.

9.The application should now launch without any issues.


10.If it still doesn’t work try the following:

11.Go to tools on your browser

12.Select Internet Options

13.Select Security tab

14.Add your Citrix web site to trusted sites to allow the use of ActiveX ICA client to be launched.

If you are still are experiencing issues launching applications, please contact the Service Desk by emailing or alternatively calling us on 01534 633733.

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