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When you browse to a web page and you get any version of a 404 web page not available error. The 404 error pages can look very different however all are a result of the same thing: The page you were trying to access doesn’t exist on this URL (= Uniform Resource Locator = The web address)
There are different ways to troubleshoot the error and possibly resolve the error.

1. 404 page not found error troubleshooting

1.1 Refresh the page
Refresh the page by pressing F5 or right-clicking and selecting refresh (or reload, depending on the browser you are using).

1.2 Retype the URL
Retype the URL (web page address) in case there might have been a typo in the address.

1.3 Multi-level URLs
If the URL that you are trying to access has multiple levels the page that you are trying to access might have been removed.

For example:
You are trying to access the following URL


Try removing each level at a time to see if you can access the site.

For example:


if that doesn’t work remove another level


and so on until you test the main URL


If this site doesn’t work then the web sites server might be down.

2. Search Engine

You might have been provided the wrong URL for the page and that is why you are getting the 404 error. Use a search engine (for example Google) to do a search for the page.

3. Clearing Internet cache

If you are able to reach the page on another device then it is possible that your internet cache needs to be cleared.

3.1 Clearing internet cache – Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. From the Tools menu choose Internet options.
3. On the General tab, under browsing history, click Delete.
4. Un-check the preserve favourite’s website data box.
5. Check the boxes for Temporary internet files, cookies and history.
6. The Form data, passwords and inprivate filtering data boxes may be left unchecked. You can check them to delete this data if you want.
7. Click Delete
8. When finished, click Ok.
9. Restart Internet Explorer.

3.2 Clearing internet cache – Chrome

1. Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
2. Select More tools.
3. Select Clear browsing data.
4. In the dialogue that appears, select the tick boxes for the types of information that you want to remove.
5. Use the menu at the top to select the amount of data that you want to delete. Select beginning of time to delete everything.
6. Click Clear browsing data.

3.3 Clearing internet cache – Firefox

1. Click the menu button and choose options.
2. Select the Advanced tab.
3. Click on Network tab.
4. In the section Cached web content, click Clear Now.
5. Click Ok.

If all else fails and you really need to reach the web site, you will need to contact the site owners.


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