Finding alternative words when using Microsoft products


When you are using a Microsoft product sometimes the word you have written doesn’t fit or doesn’t seem appropriate, this is when it can be useful to use one of the built in tools that word provides in the Thesaurus. This can be used to find alternate words with the same meaning (synonyms) and any related/similar words.


Using the Thesaurus on Microsoft products:

When in a Microsoft product to find a related/similar word you will need to first position the cursor on the word (highlight the word) you wish to check and press Shift+F7.


This will bring up a task pane on the right side of the screen (screenshot above).

If related words are available for the word selected these will be listed in this pane. Now if you click on a related word in the list, you can click on the down arrow that appears to the right of that word and insert this in place of your original word.

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