How to use Watermarks


This article will take you through a step by step guide on how to use Watermarks on documents.

Adding Pre-set Watermarks:

Along the ribbons at the top of your office application select the page layout tab

Screenshot of Ribbon:

If you click the Watermark button this will display the pre-set watermarks, Select the watermark you wish to apply to the document, this will be present on all pages of the document.

Screenshot of Available Pre-set Watermarks:


Creating New Watermarks:

The MS Office Ribbon

Along the word ribbon at the top of your Microsoft Word screen select ‘Page Layout’.

Screenshot of Ribbon

If you select the watermarks button then click ‘Custom Water Mark’

This will display the below ‘Printed Watermark screen’

Screenshot of ‘Printer Watermark’ screen


Select ‘Text WaterMark’

The ‘Text Field’ is used to set what you would like the watermark to say

The other fields can be left or changed to preference.

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