How to set up your Out of Office in Outlook


When you are going to be out of the office you will need to set up an automatic email response in order for the senders to know that you are away. You can also supply an alternative contact during your absence.


Outlook 2013:

In Outlook go to “File”

Click on “Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

The following window will pop-up.



Ensure that the radio button “Send automatic replies” is marked.

This will give you the option to set a date range for your absence.



Once you have set the date range for your absence (remember to tick the box “Only send during this time range:”) you can write the message you wish to be sent out during your absence. You can write different messages for internal and external replies.


Click Ok.

When you return to work you won’t have to disable the Out of Office message as it will only be working between the dates that you provided.



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