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On arrival to your PC you may suffer from loss of Internet Connection. This document provides step by step basic trouble shooting techniques which can be performed before escalation is made.

Other website:

When you launch your browser it launches the site that is set as your start page. Type in another address in the address field (try different sites, for example, If these sites work then it is something wrong with your start page site. If the other sites that you try don’t launch either then there are other issues with your connection.

Network connectivity:

Look for this icon in the bottom of your screen next to your clock. If you hover your mouse pointer over the icon it will tell you if you are connected to the network and also the name of the network.


 If you are connected to a network and you still can’t access any internet pages try step 6.

If you are not connected to a network please skip to “Hardware Checks”.

Different browser:

If you have another internet browser (example of browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari) launch it and try accessing the internet, again trying different sites.


 Hardware Checks:

**Please note this is for Windows PC’s**

  1. Inspect the back of your PC Tower.
  1. Remove the Ethernet cable (also known as RJ45/LAN Cable) and reinsert the cable. If a connection is apparent green lights situated around the cable port should appear. If the lights do not appear please replace the Ethernet cable. An Ethernet cable looks like the following –



  1. If the green lights appear and a cable replacement is not needed please proceed to step 4. If the green lights do not appear after a cable replacement, please contact the Service Desk on the contact details below.
  1. Try browsing the internet. If a connection is still not available please contact the Service Desk on the details situated below.


Contact Details:

After following the above steps and the issue has not been resolved please email the Service Desk on Alternatively please call 01534 633733 to speak to a member of the Service Desk.

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