Changing default programs for launching files


In windows 8 and Windows 8.1 the default programs to open certain files have been set to Windows apps. These can sometimes be inferior to the actual program. For example when opening a PDF file you would normally want to use Adobe reader/writer, however the Windows App doesn’t have all the functionalities that the Adobe products have. This guide will assist you on how to change the default program to the one that you prefer. 

Windows 8 Settings:

Move your cursor to the right-hand side of the screen to bring up the side-bar menu.

Click on “Settings”.

Click on “Change PC Settings”.

On the left-hand menu select “Search and apps”.

On the left-hand menu select “Defaults”

On the right-hand side you will have a scrollable list with all the different file types you have on your PC. 

Click on the file type that you wish to change the default program on.

This will open up a list of available programs that are able to launch this type of file. 

If the only program in the list is the Windows 8 app then you don’t have the appropriate program installed. 

If the program you wish to use is in the list, by clicking on it you will select it to be the default program to open these type of files. 

Next time you open this type of file it will open with your preferred program.

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