How to pin programs and specific files to your taskbar


If you use specific programs or open specific files on a daily basis you can pin these to your taskbar.


Pinning Programs:

 Launch the program.

Once the program has launched it will have an icon sitting on your taskbar.

Right-click on the program icon and select “Pin this program to the taskbar”

The icon will remain on the taskbar even after you have closed down the program.

The only way to remove the program icon is to right-click the program icon again and select “Unpin this program from the taskbar”.

To launch the program all you have to do is click once on the icon in the taskbar.


Pinning specific files:

 If you, for example, use a specific Word document or Excel spreadsheet frequently you can pin the files to your taskbar for easy access.

Open the required file.

In this example I will use a Word document called Test pinning to taskbar.

I have now opened the Word document called Test pinning to taskbar.

Right-click on the Word icon on the taskbar

This will bring up a menu with all recent Word documents that you have opened. At the top of the list is the latest document. I my example it is the Word document I just opened called Test pinning to taskbar.

Hover the mouse pointer over the document name and a thumb tack will appear to the right of the document name.

Click on the thumb tack to pin the document to your taskbar.

To unpin the document if you no longer have need of it click on the thumb tack again.

To access your document, right-click on the Word icon and locate your pinned file, which is in the top section of the menu. Click on the document and it will launch.


If the files are moved or deleted:

Please note that if the files are moved or deleted then your pinned document won’t work. If the file has been moved you will need to unpin the document, locate the file in its new location and pin it again.

If the file has been deleted, unpin the document from the taskbar.

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