PC Blue Screen Errors


The blue screen of death can appear at any time and the causes behind it appearing are numerous.


As there are different reasons behind the blue screen of death you will need to write down the message on the screen or take a picture of it with mobile/camera and then send the error message on to the Service Desk. 

The important part of the error message is at the top of the screen in capitals. The rest of the message might be needed too so always best to include it all.

Information gathering:

If you normally sit at this PC and it has never failed you before, try and recall if anyone has recently installed software or changed out any components in the PC. This information is of good help when investigating the error.

Turning it off and back on again:

Once you have secured the error message you need to switch the PC off. Let it stay off for about half a minute (or longer) then start it up again. If the cause behind the blue screen of death isn’t too serious then your PC will start up again without any further issues. If your PC doesn’t start up again give us a call on 01534 633733 so we can initiate an investigation.

Windows 8:

Please note that the blue screen of death in Windows 8 doesn’t give much information. Instead it runs an automatic diagnostic and restarts the PC. In this case make a note of the time it happened and contact the Service Desk.

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