Why it is necessary to restart your PC


Sometimes when you call up the Service Desk you are asked if you have turned off your PC and turned it back on again.  

This might seem a bit like an easy cop-out option, or a reason to keep you on the phone, however there are reasons why a restart of the system is necessary. 


Reasons for a restart:


Windows updates:

Every now and again Microsoft releases updates for their Windows operative system. Once these updates have been downloaded and installed the PC will need to be restarted in order for the updates to be properly implemented.  


Slow system:

If your PC isn’t restarted on a regular basis it will start to run slowly. The longer the PC runs without a restart the more you run the risk of slowing down your system. Restart at least once a week. 



Your PC has a work memory called RAM which fills up during the day with everything that you work on, whether it is web pages that you have browsed to or spread sheets that you have been working on. Logging off at the end of your work day should by design clear the RAM, however this isn’t always the case. The RAM will maintain some of the work memory from your previous log on and will cause your PC to run a bit slower. Only a restart will clean out the RAM and make it run as designed again. 


Diagnoses faults during restart:

When the PC shuts down and restarts it runs an automatic diagnostic to check for any errors on the system. If it finds any it tries to fix them without any disruption to your service. 


Memory Leaks:

Memory leaks occur when a program doesn't close properly. Every program that runs on your computer uses memory while it's open. When you close the program, that memory should return to your computer. Outdated or overused programs, however, can have memory leaks, which occur when memory isn't returned to the computer.  


The bottom line:

A restart of your PC is essential to keep it running better. Don’t just log off when you go home. Log off and restart (or shut down completely if you also want to save electricity). 


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