How to clear Java Cache


If you are trying to launch an application, however you are unable to due to Java issues. The most usual reason is that old Java files are stored on your PC and will be causing conflicts. Clearing the old Java files in the first instance will resolve this.

 Java console:

In the right hand corner of your task bar (next to the clock) you will have an arrow that points upwards. Click on this arrow to see all the services that are running at the moment (Figure 4.1). Locate the Java service and right-click on it and choose Java console (Figure 4.2).

Figure 4.1


Figure 4.2


This will launch the Java Console (Figure 4.3)

Figure 4.3


Click on “Settings”

Click on “Delete Files”

On the window that pops up ensure that the following boxes are ticked (Figure 4.4):

Figure 4.4


Click “Ok”

Click “Ok”

Click “Ok”


Retry launching application:

Close down all your applications and browsers. Reopen them and launch the application, that wasn’t working previously, again.

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