How to set up ease of access folders



If you have certain folders that you use a lot and don’t want to have to browse to the folder every time you require it, there are a few ways of setting the folders up for ease of access.

File explorer favourites:

Within your file explorer you have a section on the left-hand side called “Favourites” (See figure 4.1)

Figure 4.1

You can drag and drop your most used folders in to the favourites section. Just left-click on the folder and drag it across. Once the folder is in the favourites you can access it easily by just clicking on it. 

Setting up folder access as a toolbar:

Right-click on your taskbar near your clock.

Expand the menu “Toolbars” and select “New Toolbar”.

File explorer will now launch.

Browse to the folder that you require.

Highlight the folder (you will need to be one level up from the required folder) and click on “Select Folder”

Now the required folder will appear on your task bar. 

Click on the arrow next to the name of the folder to expand the contents of the folder.

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