How to create good screenshots


If you ever need to take a screen shot of an error message or any other part of the screen in order to, for example send in an email to the Service Desk, there are different ways of doing this.

Print Screen:

The Print screen key is, depending on the keyboard, most often located at the top right-hand side of the keyboard.

Shift + Print Screen:

If you need to take a screen shot of the entire screen use Shift + Print screen. Open up a Word document or Paint and paste the screen shot in to it. If you have more than one monitor the screen shot will appear elongated and contain all information on all the monitors you have.

Alt + Print Screen:

If you need to take a screen shot of a particular open window use Alt + Print Screen and paste in to a Word document or in to Paint. The screen shot will only contain the selected window.


Snipping tool:

In Windows 7 and newer there is a very handy screen shot tool called Snipping tool. This tool can be located in the Windows accessories part of the Start menu (win 7) and Start screen (Windows 8).

When you launch Snipping tool it gives you a few options under the “New” menu.

The options are:

  • Free form snip
  • Rectangular snip
  • Window snip
  • Full-screen snip

Free form snip:

If you select the free form snip option you can draw an outline around what you want to include in the screen shot. This is good if you need to omit certain parts of the screen that might contain confidential data.

Rectangular snip:

The rectangular snip creates a box around the selected part of screen that you want to take a screen shot of. The snip can be created to whatever size you wish.

Window snip:

This works like Alt + Print Screen.

Full screen snip:

This works like Shift + Print Screen.


Customising your snip and emailing it:

After you have created your requested screen shot you can use the pen to circle specific areas that you want to draw attention to or use the high-lighter for the same effect.

You can then email the screen shot directly in an email or email it as an attachment.


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