Using event viewer for troubleshooting help


Use Event viewer if there have been any issues with the PC. Event viewer will give you details of any errors or issues.


Event viewer:

Press “Windows key” + “W” to open a search window. Type in “EV” the first result will be the Event Viewer.

Once Event Viewer has loaded up you will be presented with the following:

On the left-hand tree expand “Windows logs” the click on “Applications”.

This will display a list of all events and errors that have occurred on the PC.

Scroll through the list and look for any entries with red exclamation marks – Go through all these errors to get information that could be helpful in troubleshooting.

At the bottom-half of the screen there is an area that displays information about the error:

Use an online search provider (for example Google) and type in the error message, in this case it is “There was an error with the Windows Location Provider database” This should give you a search result for a Microsoft knowledgebase. Read through the knowledge base to find out if there are any known solutions for the error.

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